5 Questions With A. WILDING WELLS & Giveaway

 5 Questions With A. Wilding Wells
1. I know you are an avid reader, who’s your current book boyfriend? What are you currently reading, and what was the last book you read that absolutely knocked you on your ass? And was there a certain book that lit a spark in you that made you want to start writing?
I read about three books a week, in a range of genres to keep me on my toes. But I also write seven days a week, most week days at least 10 hours- weekends less but still 6+. So what that means for me, is the book boyfriends I am most in love with are the ones I am writing about. They are so in my brain that they follow me everywhere..and yes…into bed. My husband doesn’t seem to mind, we will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this year, and let me tell you, since I’ve started writing, our sex life has evolved  in so many beautiful ways.
 I think if I were to pick a book that knocked me on my ass it would be Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. And that would be for so many reasons, top of mind is his bravery for writing such a bold book in the fifties. I’m a big believer in taking risk in my writing. I like big stories, big characters, big twists. But the subtle ribbons that tie all the bigness together is where the magic sits. I’m a sucker for enchanting chemistry. For a bit of darkness. For layers. I love intimacy. Nabokov is master at all of those things, regardless of the fact that Lolita is about a pedophile. 
I started writing a year and a half ago after I read an inspiring article in a magazine about writers. I was at the time having a hard time finding books that resonated with me. So I sat down that night and started to write with no clue as to what I was doing. I have lots of books I have not published and likely won’t, but I did cut my teeth on them. I love how far I’ve come in a really short time. The learning curve is so wonderful and challenging and pure thrill for me.
2. I have to ask… How badass does it feel to have your book BANNED from Amazon? Or was it so much of a hassle that you didn’t have a chance to feel like the badass that you are? Do you feel like the book lost any of its Heart & Soul with the changes you had to make?
So funny! My kids and my parents thought it was very badass. I was more in the head of holy fuck…what the hell? But I went with silver lining a second after that…I knew there had to be one. There is in everything no matter what. Then the readers stood up and rallied and it was just the most heartwarming thing to see and feel. The fact that anyone cared at all blew my mind. People are busy, and I’m not a well known author, so I was concerned the book would get discarded or worse…shredded with horrid reviews. And reviews matter to writers and readers!  I’m so grateful for the experience of getting banned. I always tell our four boys, imperfect experiences build your character.  Failure is where you will learn the most about yourself and life. The changes I made in the book were minor, I’m pretty sure most people would not realize I even made them. 
3. You posted the cutest picture on instagram a couple weeks back of your adorable farm house lifestyle. It made me realize how similar you are to your farm girl heroines Matilda & Sloan. Will you tell us in what ways you are similar to them and possibly how you differ as well?
Sloan and Matilda are practically sisters to me, and yes, there is some of me in both. I would say they are more similar to me than they are different. Some of their exact experiences I have not had but, it’s easy to embellish anything in ones life. The main similarities are the moxie they have, then the countryside, small town farm childhood. That was me. Playing in creeks, wandering through the woods, spending hours looking for kittens or riding my horse through cornfields.
I was raised on a farm in the Midwest, with very open somewhat eccentric parents. (to say the least)  I have always been an animal lover and a creative. My bohemian side continues to evolve the older I get. I can’t help but take some of who I am and build it into my characters. I then down play or exaggerate things. In Sloan and Matilda’s case, and similar to them, I moved to Europe four days after high school to model. It was a very interesting experience, since I grew up in a small town on a farm. Lots of odd things happened while I was there, unusual people  and experiences that I was able to twist, nothing as dark as what Sloan went through, but no question I have and will continue to you use my own life as inspiration, even if at times it’s just a thread. 


4. Do you have a new project in the works? What can you tell us about it? Spill it sister! Or give us three details that we can swoon over!
I have another book coming out in early fall. No title yet. A very delicious romance with lots of vulnerabilities exposed and played on. The H/H are such unique characters, and both of their stories are so moving that while writing I was cracking up one second, and a blubbering mess the next. I love them so much. Their journeys of healing are remarkable and their chemistry is luscious. She is such a bird, and he is such a sexy uniquely cool guy you will likely name your vibrator ( or fingertips..) after him. 
Photo by: @corruptedbysmut
Then, for early winter; late November, I’m just finishing the second book in the beast series. My working title is The Art of Discovering Bubbles With Boys Who Ride Elephants. The book is quirky and bold and a bit crazy-over-the-top-wonderful. But oh man, it’s so fucking sexy. This is a family that everyone will relate to, even though they are nothing like any family I’ve ever heard of. Another hardcore tearjerker considering some of the things that go on. I would call it my most enchanting story to date. A modern day fairytale if ever.
I’ll write probably two more books after those this year, and they will be published in early spring. My goal is about 5-6 books a year. My challenge is to grow as a writer with each book.  To create characters that pull at every emotion, to craft stories that have you smiling and crying and chuckling and wondering. I love nothing more than getting lost in the world of book, and more than anything, that is what I want to give to my readers. I want each book, from the cover to the story to the emotions that you go through, to feel like a gift or an opening of some kind.
5. I think the way that you share ARCs and paperbacks with all readers, not just bloggers, in exchange for an honest review, is such an awesome way to strengthen our book community. Letting all of your readers know how important their voice is to you, and also putting your words into as many hands as possible. Can you share about this process, as you do things differently then most authors out there.
I didn’t realize I was doing anything different than other authors until readers were writing these amazing letters to me, telling me how this was their first ARC and how grateful and special it made them feel. And I was all… wait, what? Someone told you that your voice as a reader didn’t matter? Screw that! Every reader matters to me…and on that note, I can hardly believe I can say the words…I have readers! I swear some nights while my husband and I are having a cocktail I crack up…hey babe, isn’t it cool that anyone wants to read my books! We laugh of course at how lucky we feel about it, because writing is such a passion for me. It’s the most creative thing I’ve done to date, and all I’ve ever done is create. My whole adult life I’ve only ever made a living being an artist. So writing is taking all of that creativity and pushing me to a new level. 
Holy fuck am I verbose or what! 

  • CHOCOLATE OR VANILLA?: Twist with sprinkles.
  • SUNSHINE OR RAINSTORMS?: Rainstorms with sunshine and cocktails afterward.
  • COWBOYS OR BIKERS?: Naughty-dirty-sexy-cowboy who owns a bike. 
  • CAKE OR ICE CREAM?: Coconut cake with vanilla ice cream on the side.
  • LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED: Outlander, not a movie but feels better than most.
  • SWEET OR ROUGH?: Yes. YES!!! YES!!!
  • SWEET OR SALTY?: Yes. YES!!!
  • HAWKE OR BALTHAZAR?:  Impossible. I’ve had them both and oh Shit….                                                                                          (JUST KIDDING, I’D NEVER MAKE YOU CHOOSE. 😉
  • FAVORITE SONG TO SING AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS?: Fool in the Rain, Led Zepplin                                 
– I Know why the Caged Bird Sings. Maya Angelou.
– Lolita. Vladimir Nabokov
– A Room of Ones Own. Virginia Wolf
  • CELEBRITY CRUSH: Justice Joslin. Slurp.  I based my next male character on him.
  • HOW OLD WERE YOU WHEN YOU FIRST FELL IN LOVE?: 16, and oh hells yeah…I fell hard.
  • YOUR HERO: I know it sounds corny, but it’s for sure hands down my husband. He’s pretty much the coolest, sexiest, wittiest, most generous, and open minded lovely man I have ever met in my life. I adore everything about him, especially the way he loves me unconditionally and embraces my flaws and need to evolve. The man never judges me, not ever, and that is the most freeing thing in the world. I swear he makes me feel like I could fly.
  • LAST TIME YOU SWAM IN OCEAN: last fall we went out on sailboat with friends and I stripped down to nothing and dove in! I LOVE skinny dipping!
  • LAST TIME YOU CRIED: Two weeks ago I me a little meltdown. One of those pile it all kind that happens a few times a year. 
  • LAST TIME YOU LAUGHED YOUR ASS OFF: I do every day, many times a day. My husband and I work together and sit fifteen feet from each other all day. It’s a fair amount of comedy.
…AND ANY LAST WORDS? Thank you for this darling. And thank you with all my heart to anyone who embraces my passions. There is nothing better than waking up every day, and doing what you love, I will always and forever be that girl as it’s all I know..good or bad, thick or thin, broke or unbroke. But those who appreciate it. I fucking love the pants off you people!!!!
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  1. Oh Baby! Saddle my back and call me a horse!!I love you for this. There are so many amazing authors and you picked me for this? That is just beyond lovely of you! thank you with all my heart for sharing my work with the world! And really I do love the pants off you! Meadows full of chirps oceans full of kisses..and beautiful bees stings xxxx

  2. Ok, I am in love with A Wilding Wells haha and not in a creepy way but a serious fangirl over the top way!!! She is amaaaaazing!!!!
    I jusy recently discovered her bokks and requested an ARC of Crickets OMG! I was blown away 🙂 I was already reading Matilda and Balthazar's book qhen She sent me the ARC of Crickets so I put it in hold but hoky smokes this woman can write!!! She stops at none and thriws some serious punches! Freaking love it xoxo just wanted to thank you for your interview Bex, It is so awesome ♡ beautiful graphics as well lovely ♡

  3. Wow! This is an awesome interview. I flove A Wilding Wells!! She is an icon of unbelievable makings of a genius. Her stories are very well developed and loveable. Her characters are forever left in my heart. Thank you

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