5 Questions With ACE GRAY & Cover Reveal for Bad For Business!

[How Fucking Cute is My Girl ACE?]
1. Last book you read that made you laugh out loud? Last book you read that made you cry? Last book you read that rocked your whole wide world?
So I know you all think I joke about my cold, dead heart that is incapable of emotion but it’s sort of true. I do anxiety really freaking well but beyond that it’s hard for a book to make me laugh or cry. Unless you kill the animal, in which case I ball like a little baby. Frequently. I loved 44 Chapters About 4 Men because I did laugh out loud while reading it. I worship BB Easton on an unhealthy level because she made me feel things. It was uncomfortable at first but now… And the last book that made me cry? Wait for it… My book. (I’m well aware of what a psychopath I am.) I finished my final read through before sending Family Business (book 3) to my beta readers and I cried. For a hot second, I thought what I wrote was actually beautiful. Don’t worry, the delusions have passed.
2. How much of your heroine Kate in STRICTLY BUSINESS is based on your own life? Sometimes the line between Fantasy & Reality blurs. Can you give us a hint of if any parts are based on your own fantasies or your own reality? 😉 
PS: I noticed that its intended for mature audiences… however all of your teasers make me blush and giggle like a schoolgirl, is this going to be a problem? 😉 
Oh man. I’m a Pilates instructor in Portland, OR with a very sweet husband with whom I’ve only really ever had one blow out fight. It was about tacos (true and very funny story actually). So on the surface, not a lot. And I’m actually really patient and forgiving until that moment that I’m not. Then you’re dead to me. That said, in a past life, I had every intention of being Kate when I grew up. I went to one of the top communications school in the country and imagined walking in power heels through the doors of some stellar ad agency in Manhattan. Can you imagine being surrounded by all those power suits? Drool. Then a boy derailed all that and I took a detour through a hippie ski town but I’m better now. We’re both ambitious but have different methods of going about things to say the least. Probably why she’s so damned successful and I’m having beers in a swimming hole. As for the dirty stuff—and yes, there’s a lot of dirty stuff—its a mashup of fantasy and reality but I’ll never tell which is which.
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3. How in the world did you get SO DAMN GOOD at drawing eggplant fairies? (ok lets keep it real, dick fairies) Did you start at a young age? Did you ever attend art school? And how do you find the time to balance ALL of your talents writing, boozing, and drawing? And most importantly… do you have any other hidden talents you want to tell us about?!
The dick fairy you won is the first dick fairy I’ve ever drawn. Turned out alright I think??? And if you ever feel like it, pull it out (or anyone else who has received a dick fairy for that matter) and note that it is in fact drawn on the back of random pieces of my mail. My mother who has a degree in fine art must be so proud. 
As for how do I find time to manage all the shenanigans? Well I find multi-tasking to be quite helpful (drinking and writing, drinking and drawing, drinking and photographing…) My other talents include car karaoke, quoting TV shows and movies, making friends with strangers, tying cherry stems in knots with my tongue, and cooking things that would make frat boys cringe. I’ve been told I tell a good story too…   
4. Can you give us any juicy details about Mixing Business With Pleasure Number Two? Do you have an expected release month? 
If all goes to plan book two, Bad For Business, will be out at the end of June. You know that I’m about as subtle as a blow horn so you’ll get a ton info as soon as I know. I am really proud of this book (which is a rarity for me) and I may like it better than Strictly Business.
Three things I can spill about Bad For Business:
*We find out way more about Nicholas’ family and history
*There’s gonna be a lot of “What?” “Huh?” “No way!” and “He didn’t” running around
*Ribbon is back and better than ever if I do say so myself 
5. One of many, many MANY things I love about you is that you give so much love and support to your fellow authors, and bloggers. You’re just such a fun, badass presence in the indie-romance-book-community (ok we need a better name) I love your WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) posts on Instagram. 🙂 I love that you send shoutouts to fellow authors who inspire you, I just think it keeps the love a’flowin. Its a big fuck you to competition and a big fuck yeah to sisterhood! So I wanted to ask, Who was your FIRST official GIRL CRUSH? And who are some of your current WCEs (Woman Crush Er’rydays) and what about them inspires you?
Let me just start by saying the world is a better place when we love each other. Life is more fun, your heart infinitely more full and the light a bit brighter when you sprinkle love and kindness. I’m all about “you can sit with us” and celebrating the badass bishes we all are or can be. 
And first official woman crush, eh? Can I say my mom? Is that weird? I mean weirder than I usually am? OOOoooo Princess Diana, Julie Andrews or Pussy Galore were all early ones too. And nowadays I’d just add Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, Dolly Parton and RuPaul to that celebrity list. BB Easton, AM Johnson and M Andrews are all legitimate heroes of mine as well. Anyone that works hard for what they have, is kind along the way, embraces life and sees the best in others is damn fine in my book. 
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Bonus Question: 
Ok, you’re at Disneyland. Stuck on Its A Small World. No one is on the ride but you. Its soooo lonely in there… but wait… who’s that coming… oh look its the motherfucking MAINTENANCE CREW made up of none other then:
Name 3 Book Boyfriends:
This question is so hard! Specially because I get to write my own personal favorite book boyfriends LOL. I have a thing for the Beautiful boys from Christina Lauren (all three of them thanks), King from King, and Gage from Beneath the Vine BUT if I got to pick anyone, I’d pick Nicholas Bryant, Cole (from my newsletter) and Greyson (from a project that I’ve written and need to edit/publish called The Muse)   
They finally got the song to turn off, and they put in this album over the sound system: 
Can’t pick. Ever. I LOVE MUSIC. I’d really like it to be indie rock though. That’s my fave. And we could totally go with something sexy like Glass Animals to set the mood. OOOooo or The XX. Or maybe Banks, Alt-J, Halsey, Lana Del Rey…I can keep doing this. For like hours.
They feel so bad that its gonna take all night long for them to fix the ride so they offer to hand feed you: 
Fried chicken. duh.
Once the ride is fixed they tell you it looks like you guys are stuck in there until the park opens up in the morning, they ask you how you want to pass the time and you say: 


Play canasta. And by play canasta I mean…
B L U R B:
Falling was the easy part.
Kate Elliott can still see blood on her hands and feel the last breath of a dying man on her lips. Anytime she closes her eyes, a small piece of her world crumbles, leaving her something she’s never been: weak. Luckily, Nicholas Bryant is strong enough for the both of them. And he’d do anything to lift Kate up…kiss her tears until they stop, take her breath away, and pleasure her until she barely remembers the outside world.
Nicholas’ past is catching up to him, and fast. The secrets he’s kept at bay have wound their way into his present and threaten the very real future he’s started to build with Kate. He’ll fight for Kate—every bit as much as he’ll fight with her—but even that may not be enough. Nicholas Bryant may turn out to be very Bad For Business after all.
Ace Gray is a self-proclaimed troublemaker and connoisseur of both the good life and fairy tales. After a life-long love affair with books, she undertook writing the novel she wanted to read, which culminated in her first release STRICTLY BUSINESS. When she’s not writing, she owns her own business teaching Pilates. She loves rainy days, shellac manicures, coffee shops and bourbon–all of which are bountiful in her adopted home of Portland, OR where she runs amok with her chef husband and two huskies.

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