1. You have mastered both beautiful contemporary romance, as well as heart racing suspense! Does one take more of a toll emotionally then the other? Have you ever set out to write a story you have in mind, and had it turn into something completely different? And what is the book or subject that took you the furthest out of your comfort zone when writing?
It is definetly more of an emotional toll to write suspense, especially if I am writing from the POV of a dark individual, like Deanna Madden. Sometimes I need a break from that intensity, and that’s when I write a contemporary romance. And yes, often I start out a book with one idea in mind and it turns out to be completely different! Moonshot, my latest release, was like that. I didn’t originally intend for it to have a suspenseful slant, but added on in rewrites in order to give the book more of a punch. The book that took me the furthest out of my comfort zone was probably TIGHT. It dealt with sex slaves and that was something that got really dark really fast when I did research for it.

2. In Hollywood Dirt there is a side story where you have written one of the greatest revenge plots of all time. Like EVER. Is there
anyone in your own life that you could imagine doing that to? What
is the biggest prank you have ever pulled on someone or had pulled on you?

I could definetly imagine doing that … I just don’t have someone that I hate that much. I try really hard to let things go, I’ve found that harboring anger hurts me more than anyone else. I’ve never pulled an awesome prank but my husband plays them constantly on me. He loves to catch me off guard, and often succeeds!


3. As a writer, I’m sure your mind is always working, ideas and
stories always coming to you. Do you currently have a new project in the works? Can you tell us anything about it? Can you tease us with 3 tiny details?

YAY! Go Alessandra! 🙂

I do have a new project in the works. It’s called The Ghostwriter – it is not paranormal at all, but its also not a romance.
It’s contemporary fiction, just a great story with a great cast of characters. 

The main character is a writer, and she is a really fascinating person to write from. She’s very odd, very particular, and often a total pain in the ass.

She has little to no filter and is so interesting to me. Is that three things? It feels like it. 

4Tell Us: (a) One author who originally inspired you to write. (b) One author who can always make you laugh. (c) One author who has
made you cry. (d) One author who you consider a dear friend. (e)
One author who continues to inspire you. (f) One up and coming
author who everyone should know about. (g) And one author who

you would dream of co-writing with.

a) Stephen King. His book, On Writing, really made me believe that
writing was something that I could tackle.

b) Jana Aston. She’s freaking hilarious.

c) Kristin Hannah. She wrote a book … True Colors … that made me cry. I’m a pretty hard person to make cry.

d) CD Reiss. I love her writing, and really respect her business saavy and work ethic.

e) Gillian Flynn. She’s so brilliant in her work. I want to grow up
and be her.

f) Pam Godwin. WOW. I just read Dark Notes – it’s the best teacher/student book out there.
She’s not ‘up and coming’ 
because she’s already written so much, but she’s not famous,and she should be, her books are that good.
g) Gillian Flynn. But I probably wouldn’t co-write, even with her. My characters are too precious to share.

5. You have such an impressive library of work. Are there any of your books that are less known then others that you want new readers to know about? For someone who has never read one of your books before, where would you suggest that they start? 


I wish the Deanna Madden series was more popular, because it really
is SO good, and I 

feel like the only people reading it are romance
readers. I wish that it had been ‘discovered’ by the thriller market, because I think they would embrace it.

For someone who has never read my books … hmmm. It’s hard to answer because it depends on what they like to read. I’d suggest Hollywood Dirt for someone strictly contemporary romance. If you don’t mind pushing your boundaries a bit, then grab Black Lies.


Bonus Question:
Ok… So you went to open your favorite bottle of DR PEPPER and out popped a super hot Genie who looks just like: THOR

He gives you a big kiss and then offers you three wonderful wishes:

1.You could choose to have one of your book characters come to life
and live out their days with you, who would you choose and why?

Deanna Madden. She kicks serious ass and I want to take her around with me and let her loose on all of my enemies.

2. One of your books will be optioned and turned into a movie, which
one will you choose, and who will you cast?

Moonshot, since it’s my current favorite. I’d cast Minka Kelly as Ty.


3. One wish of your own choosing… what will it be?
To be a #1 NYT Bestselling author. It’s that pipe dream we all have. I’d use my genie to make it happen.

…And Congrats on Moonshot becoming a NYT Best Seller! You did it all on your own it didn’t even take a sexy Genie! 😉  
* G I V E A W A Y *
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