5 QUESTIONS with Erin Watt Bestselling Authors of THE ROYALS Series

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How did you guys come together as authors? Were you close friends first, and How did The Royals come to be? Lastly, what do you think it is about them that made people fall SO hard and SO fast for every single one of these characters?

We actually came together out of our mutual love of football… well, it started with football, then became a conversation about us both wanting to write a super angsty YA book. We threw some ideas back and forth, and the series just sort of came together from there.
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As for the characters, they each have their own quirks and flaws – you can’t help but want to try to find out what makes them tick. We think Ella’s toughness, Reed’s moodiness, and Easton’s charm are just a few of the things that drew readers to these characters.
Since our girl Ella has shared so many of our firsts with us… can you share some juicy details about some of  your firsts? Can you tell us about these firsts in 5 words or less…
First Crush: 
Elle: Not telling…
Jen: It was Mike E in 4th grade, but my heart was crushed when I found him chatting with a red-haired girl after class. I could just tell by the awkward way he was holding himself that he liked her. I was forlorn!
Elle: That’s not 5 words, Jen!
First Car: 
Elle: Dodge Neon
Jen: A $900 Toyota Corolla. It had a hole in the floorboard. 
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First Job: 
Elle: Cotton-candy maker at an amusement park. 
Jen: Waiting table at Perkins.
First Kiss: 
Elle: With a skater boy…
Jen: On a dock at the lake with a boy four years older than me.
First Date With your Boo: 
Elle: We went for a walk LOL
Jen: Packers – Vikings game. 
What has been your favorite part of writing together? What challenges have you over come together? And can you tell us about a laugh out loud moment(s) you have shared during this process?
We have so many dumb laughs and inside jokes working together, whether it’s snail mail wars, making fun of something the other person wrote, or harassing each other about our football teams. Writing together has been like writing with your best friend! When one of us is stuck on something, the other person is there to bounce ideas off of. Likewise, if one of us starts slacking, the other is there to give a gentle prod.
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You mention in your bio that your biggest fear is breaking up, (That’s ours too! Never Ever do it!) does this mean that you girls plan to work together on another series, even after The Royals’ story reaches its conclusion?
Yes, we definitely plan to keep writing together! We already have another book scheduled to come out in the spring/summer of 2017 (When It’s Real), and a few more secret ideas up our sleeves. You’ll have to keep watching to see what happens next!
The Moment of Truth Question…WILL THERE BE A 4th BOOK IN THE ROYALS SERIES?
The Royals itself is a trilogy and will end with Twisted Palace. With that said…how can Easton NOT get a book? 😉
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Of all the characters you have created… 
which one would you love to:
Marry & Make Babies With: 
Elle: John Tucker (The Goal)
Jen: I’m already married and have a baby with said spouse. 
Have a Wild One Night Stand With: 
Elle: Cash McCoy (Feeling Hot)
Jen: Oh, can I choose Cash, too? 
Be stranded on a deserted island with: 
Elle: Any of them!
Jen: Gray from Unraveled. He’s a Marine. I feel like he’d be able to forage for food and defend me from wild animals. 
Be stuck in a zombie apocalypse with: 
Elle: Any of the men from the Killer Instincts series.
Jen: Sloan from Elle’s post-apoc series. That man could do anything. 
Set up on a blind date with your bestie: 
Elle: Any of the Off-Campus boys, but Garrett would be my top choice.
Jen: Noah, from Undeclared. There’s not a more steady man than him. 
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You so much for your time ladies! I can’t even tell you what a HUGE honor this is! I wish you the very best with your release of Twisted Palace, and I can not wait to see what you guys have in store for us in the future!
Erin Watt is the brainchild of two bestselling authors linked together through their love of great books and an addiction to writing. They share one creative imagination. Their greatest love (after their families and pets, of course)? Coming up with fun–and sometimes crazy–ideas. Their greatest fear? Breaking up.
XO, bex

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