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Your books are absolutely brilliant, fun, witty you guys must have a blast working on these stories together. Can you tell us about a laugh out loud moment? Or an obstacle you had to overcome?

Max: As you might imagine, we have many laugh out loud moments when working on books together. In fact, we’ve pretty much never had more fun than we’re having now. Monroe is uproariously funny, and waiting for a new chapter from her is like sweet torture. It’s also motivating. Much like Cassie and Thatch, we find ourselves constantly trying to “out-do” each other for the good of the book as a whole.
Monroe: Thanks, Max. It’s the same for me. Not knowing what Max is going to write, but knowing it’ll be better than I imagined makes the writing experience so fun. As for a specific laugh out loud moment, we’d have to say going to the Britney concert for research. It was legitimately necessary, but good God, the things that took place that night between the two of us are something I’ll NEVER forget. Picture running and taxi hunting (literally. I may have banged on a few windows) and dancing our brains out while continuously commenting on how bangable Britney looks.
Max: She looks SO good.
Monroe: She’s TINY. Like, almost subhuman.

Max: [nods] And that’s just one of many experiences. We’re friends. Best of. End of. Always.

For the Gang
You’re all welcome to chime in on each others questions but I have a special question for each of you:

Cassie: If they turned your love story into a Lifetime movie who would you want to cast in it, and what would be the major dramatic plot twist?

Answer: Cassie: Oh my GOD! That would be a serious fucking dream. I’m gonna go with that chick who played Jessie Spano on Saved by the Bell…what’s her name? Elizabeth Berkley! Yes. For sure her. She’s got that spunkiness down.

And by spunkiness, do you mean craziness?

Cassie: [shrugs] Po-tay-toe, Po-tah-toe.

Thatch: It was the “I’m so excited” caffeine pill scene, wasn’t it?

Cassie: That was a goddamn dramatic masterpiece and it’d be perfect for my Lifetime movie.

Thatch: I agree. And what would be the plot twist?

Cassie: Um. She’d probably have a long lost lesbian twin sister who was in love with her.

Thatch: [stares] Would I get to have sex with both of them? Or watch?

Cassie: [narrows eyes briefly] I mean. Yeah. Probably. It’s Lifetime. But you’d be played by Mario Lopez.

Thatch: [nods] Jessie and Slater forever.

Cassie: And Jessie’s lesbian twin. Her too.

Obviously. [laughs] I hope they start production soon.

Thatch: How many rules are you guys up to now… and how often do you break them?

Answer: Thatch: I actually just got in trouble for this. I lost track of what number we were on, so I started just numbering them randomly. And Cass is pretty chill about everything, almost comically so, but about this, she is not. Not at all.
Cassie: How am I supposed to actually keep track of the rules if you just throw out random fucking numbers?
Thatch: You—
Cassie: I CAN’T. That’s how. I made a note in your fucking phone for you, so use it.

Thatch: Is that a rule? Number 567?

Cassie: I will murder you. It’s number 213 and you know it.

Thatch: [winks]

Kline: What’s the best (or worst) prank Thatch has ever pulled on you…and have you got him back yet?

Answer: Kline: This is actually the easiest question I’ve ever answered.

Thatch: [groans] You’re gonna get romantic, aren’t you?

Kline: [flips Thatch off and ignores him] Yes. The gargoyle dick was, hands down, the BEST prank he ever pulled on me. And I don’t give a fuck if it’s sappy or overly romantic or any of that other bullshit. It led to my wife, and she is my life. Period.
Georgia: [rushes over to kiss Kline]

Thatch: [wipes phantom tear] Goddamn, you swoony bastard.

Georgia: Would you rather take back your old job OR volunteer for a summer as a leader at Camp Love Yourself?

Answer: Georgia: Oh sweet fucking dandelions. It’s gotta be the old job. I have no doubt the job at Camp Love Yourself would be endlessly interesting, but I’ve already been traumatized enough for a lifetime, thank you very much.
Kline: [smiles] Baby, I’d make your old job feel so good.
Cassie: [stage whispers] I think Kline just virtual finger fucked her.
Thatch: [laughs]
Cassie: I’d take the job at Camp though. Sounds awesome.
Thatch: Can I have the job of just watching you do your job?
Georgia: She wouldn’t actually just sit around and rub one out all day! 
Thatch: Well, that’s no fun.

Wes: What do you look for in a girl? What are your turn ons & turn offs?

Answer: Thatch: I’m pretty sure he looks for a pulse.
Wes: Oh, fuck off. Like you can talk. Before Cassie you spread your sperm all over Manhattan.
Thatch: [scoffs] Just 70th street and south.
Wes: [laughs] I’m just looking for a good time.
Thatch: [whispers] He thinks.
Wes: I know.
Kline: It’s all about the woman who wakes him up. The one who shows him a good time doesn’t have to be in the form of a good fuck.
Wes: [sighs] I’m in no rush.

MM: We are. Get ready.

Thatch: [laughs]

Wes: Fuck.
For M&M
As co-writers have each of you fallen harder for different
characters? Of the gang, who’s your soul mate? Who’s your bestie?  Who makes you laugh and / or swoon the hardest, and who drives you insane?

Max: Our writing practices have somewhat lent themselves to different relationships with each character.
Monroe: [nods] Since we each mostly write a certain point of view, we tend to relate and defend the characters we’re writing personally.
Max: Exactly. And it makes it so fun to fall in love with the POV we aren’t writing. Actually, it’s pretty much like we fall in love with each other.


Monroe: Haha! Yeah, we think we might be married after writing the vows to one another in Tapping the Billionaire.
Max: [shrugs] I could do worse.
Monroe: Obviously.
Max: So what’s your run down on the characters?
Monroe: I relate easily to Georgia, Cassie is both my bestie and my nemesis because she’s fucking insane, and Kline and Thatch both made me swoon so hard. Though, Wes is already making a run for it. You?
Max: It’s the same. Thatch drove me crazy while I was writing him because he can never just get to the point and Kline is all about going straight to it. I kept asking him to be more like Kline.

Monroe: I bet he liked that.
Max: He’d be like, “Why would I want to be that asshole when I can be me? Are you serious?”
Monroe: They’re all fun though.
Max: They really are. I’ve never loved a group of characters more.
For the Gang: 
After you went back and read these books, what did you find out about your friends or significant others that you didn’t already know? Were there any parts that you wish were left out OR anything that WAS left out that you wish was included?
Georgia: I could have done without some of Cassie and Thatch’s sex talk.
Cassie: [scoffs] Don’t lie. You probably went right into your bedroom and asked Big Dick to take you for a ride on his face.
Kline: [shaking head and laughing]
Cassie: [looks at Kline] I’m right, aren’t I?
Kline: I’m not sure if it was your doing. My Benny is always down for a good time.
Georgia: Kline!
Kline: Baby, you are.

Thatch: She is. [smirks] I read that too.
Georgia: [puts head in hands] Oh Jesus Christ.
I’ve heard rumors that Wes will be getting his very own book. Max & Monroe is there anything you would like to share / tell us about it? Wes, how do you feel about that?
Max: Wes will definitely be getting his own book, Scoring the Billionaire, coming October 25th.
Monroe: And you’ll get a little taste of Wes and Winnie in Banking Her, coming September 6th. God, they’re fantastic together.
Wes: [scowls]
Max: Lighten up, Wes.
Wes: What if I want to just keep this to myself?
Monroe: Too late. Trust us, you’ll look like less of a prick.
Thatch: Oh! Burn!
Max: And Winnie is ready and waiting.
Wes: [sighs]
For Max & Monroe:
Which one of your characters would you call to bail you out and why?

Monroe: It depends on what I did.
Max: Totally.
Monroe: If I needed someone’s actual help, I’d call Kline.


Max: But if we really did something stupid, we’d probably call Thatch.
Monroe: Yep. It’s that lack of shame thing. We really like that.
Cassie: Hey! I don’t have any shame either!
Max: Okay. We’d call you too. Actually, you’re better with jail personnel. We’d call you first.

Which one of your characters would you like to receive a lap dance from and / or give a lap dance to & why?

Max & Monroe: [look at each other] Any of the men.
Max: They’re all so sexy.
Monroe: Look at them. Now they’re crowing. Like fucking strutting peacocks, all of them.
Thatch: You want to feel my feathers?

Which one of your characters would you volunteer to be stranded on a deserted island with and what 5 items would THEY choose to bring with you guys?

Max: Kline.
Monroe: So Kline. He’d actually know what to do. I don’t know what 5 things he’d bring, but they’d actually do something for us.
Kline: Thanks guys.
Thatch: I’d be entertaining. And I’d bring my dick.
Max: [looks to Monroe]
Monroe: [nods] 
Max: We’ll bring you if we can bring you both.

If you could film a reality show with your characters what would be the trope (cooking show / survivor / amazing race / bachelor / crazy family) and how would it go down? Who would get voted off the island first. 😉 (That wink was for Thatch.)

Max: I’m pretty sure it would be some ridiculous mix between Survivor and The Bachelor.
Monroe: And Wes would be gone first, because he’d never make it there.
Max: [laughs] He’d miss the boat because he was late.
Wes: Uh, Georgia is late all the time too.
Monroe: [waves him off] She’s got Big Dick to keep her on schedule.
Max: [ponders] Maybe Winnie will whip you into shape.
Wes: My shape is just fine.


Monroe: [grins] We’ll see.
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