B L U R B:
The soul is not where it lives, but where it loves. 

A countryside ranch, naughty notes and a neighbor boy. Kissing in silos and skinny dipping under a full moon. Ten years gone. An ocean, a tragedy…secrets and buried things. Letting go and hanging on. Remembering to forget. 

My reality became his nightmare, but then my nightmare became reality. 

Hawke Slater was not only my brothers’ best friend, he was a tender, sweet country boy. I never wanted to leave, but there was no choice for me. Two things kept my soul alive, and I’m hanging onto hope that one might be an option for my future. 

I wish none of it had been my fault, but it was. 

Sloan Story McQueen has returned. Why would I hold out an ounce of hope that she’d want me once she finds out what I do for a living. Some call it obscene, but I’m just chasing storms and rainbows. 

She’s holding onto something big. If only it were me. 

***This novel contains adult content and is not intended for sensitive readers. ***

M Y   R E V I E W:
This is the second book I’ve read by the wonderful A. Wilding Wells, and I can say without any doubt or hesitation, I am a reader for LIFE! Some books you read, some books you devour, and some books you FEEL to the core of your being. I felt this book, with every beat of my heart. I cried with Sloan, I laughed with Hawke, and I just felt hope, so much hope that they could over come time, and history, and years past. To mend what had been broken between them and become whole again. Hawke & His Cricket. …sigh.

A Lifetime of Love. Young Love, First Love, Stolen Love, Unbreakable Love. 

From the way our brains fit together, to the way our hearts fit together, to the way all our body parts fit together. Its as though we were broken apart in some other lifetime then found eachother and became whole again in this one. 

I feel like this quote, while spoiler free, it so perfectly captures the feel and the story of this whole beautiful book. 

Hawke Slater, Brohican & World Famous Porn Star. He has the world’s largest heart, and an equally large, well, you can guess. 🙂 He fell in love at 18, quite possibly long before then. He gave his heart to his cricket, and she took it-and then she took it with her. 

Sloan: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Hawke: Someone you can’t imagine living without.
Sloan: You’re Dope as Fuck. You’re not going to make any of this  
       easy are you?
Hawke: Nope.
Sloan “Cricket” McQueen, She is Brave, but Broken. She is a Warrior who wants nothing but peace. She is a lover who has lived on love, feasted on it, breathed it and gained great strength from it. She’s my hero. And I absolutely LOVE A. Wilding Wells for giving her to me.

“She makes pain look beautiful, like a springtime blossom trapped in an ice storm”

The character development in this book was off the charts. You know Hawke & Cricket. They become part of you, engrained in your heart. You feel their pain, and experience their joy. You want to fight for their love. 
The love scenes, the love MAKING scenes in this book, so SO hot. Holy shit! Hawk Slater can make me chirp anyday! 😉
Read this book! Then talk to me about it! I could talk about this book all day long. Seriously. But I want to tell you everything! And I LOVED going into this book knowing almost nothing. I was able to almost immediately be completely swept away in the journey. And you will too. Enjoy!

A B O U T   THE   A U T H O R:
I live with my characters day and night.  Most of the time I feel like a voyeur in their lives, which magically seem to unfold right in front of me. They’re in my dreams and on my brain non-stop. I’ll spend weeks editing and revising one book with the next plot swimming through my head and being scribbled onto endless reams of paper. When I write I feel everything – and I do mean EVERYTHING – about them. I’m turned on by them. I laugh at and with them. I get pissed at them. I bitch at them. I cry if something awful is happening to them. My heart speeds up when they fight. I get goose bumps because of them. 

I’ll admit it sometimes feels a little like I’m playing God when I write (either that or a puppeteer). I love writing about strong characters that have flaws and imperfections to deal with, work on or resolve. I adore twists, turns and funky plot oddities that make life the crazy thing that it really is. I love putting my characters in awkward situations that allow for interesting, heated and often sexy dialogue to play out.
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  1. Dear heart, I think you own a little bit of me. maybe even more. thank you so much for this exquisite review. My husband read it to me first thing this morning, then I made a cup of tea and read it again. You are beyond lovely. thank you for this and for sharing my books with the world. xxx A. Wilding Wells

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