ONE by Jewel E. Ann Book Review

S Y N O P S I S:
Lake Jones is a cover girl for cutting-edge prosthetic legs, a binge-watcher of Netflix, known to spy on her neighbor through her door’s peephole, and fond of laser games with her hairless cat. She’s also a bit sexually-frustrated.

Until …

God bestows a breath of mercy upon her in the form of Minnesota’s NFL starting quarterback. But this gift is no stranger. Lake met Cage Monaghan three years earlier.

It was one day.
One moment.
One kiss that resurrected her dreams of finding love.

His dimpled smile distracts from his imperfections, which include: a love for country music, fishing, and a feline-hating girlfriend.

When life finally gives them their chance, it’s a humorous and heart-wrenching journey to find their place in the world.

“We would be Cage and Lake. We would be unpredictable. We would be reckless. We would give normality the middle finger.”

***This book is a standalone. However, it is HIGHLY recommended that any readers who have not, but may consider, reading the Jack & Jill Series, do so before reading this book. It contains spoilers to Jack & Jill.

M Y  R E V I E W:
Fuck Gravity, I started falling when I opened this book, and never stopped. Falling for Cage, falling for Lake, and falling head over heels with Jewel E. Ann over and over and over again. Her writing is beautiful, it addicting, is inspiring and liberating, its fucking heartbreaking, and exciting, hilarious and SEXY. AS. FUCK.

“Lets never be in love. Lets fall every day without ever touching the ground…FUCK GRAVITY.”

Before you one-click this book, kiss your other book boyfriends goodbye, and tell them you love them,because once you meet Cage Monaghan, and his hypnotizing dimples… well there’s just no going back, and Cage does NOT share. 

We met Lake & Cage in Jewel E. Ann’s Jack & Jill series. They both had small parts but well fell quite hard for them right off the bat. In the series the two of them meet and they share “One Day, One Everything.” …sigh even though Lake & Cage played such a small part in the big picture that was the J&J series, their story just jumped off of the page and touched my heart. I knew instantly that I wanted to know SO much more about them, and that there was SO MUCH MORE to their story. And Oh My Gosh was I right. This story is EPIC! Not for the faint of heart. 

“This is it. This is where you sink or swim. This is where the survivors are separated from the victims.” 

Lake is a fucking warrior. She’s my hero and she’s my bookgirlfriend for life. She’s fun and feisty. She’s wild and brave. She’s got layers, and so does Cage. I love that she refers to him as the Man of her Dreams from the first chapter… like there was never any question. And there simply wasn’t.
“Losing my leg was easy compared to losing my heart to Cage, even if I did willingly hand it to him.”

Jewel is a poet, she writes these words that are like a siren song to my soul and I feel every single one of them. The Jack & Jill series is a romance-suspense, however ONE had me turning pages just as fast, had my heart beating out of my chest just the same. I felt that fire, that passion that need for more more more and she delivered, oh man, she delivered. 
…I mean who else could write something as poetic as: 
“…blah, blah, blah, I wanted to be his.” 

Haha! Just kidding but I do love the quote that that’s part of so much here it is: “Independent woman, I belonged to no man, blah, blah, blah, I wanted to be his. The desire to find on e guy that made me want to wave my white flag lived in the non-feminist part of my brain. Cage was white flag worthy.”  


…I just can’t even find the words, all I can do is tell you from the bottom of my little blogger heart, how much I truly LOVED this book. 

If you haven’t read the Jack & Jill series.. R E A D  I T. Its brilliant, suspenseful, sexy, funny, its everything. If you’re still reading this, then I think / hope its because you’ve put your faith in me as a blogger, you know I wouldn’t lead you wrong. You CAN read this amazing book as a standalone, it will be just as brilliant but there are so many spoilers for the J&J series, you’d be doing yourself a disservice, so first do yourself a favor and: ONE-CLICK End of Day (Jack & Jill Book 1) for FREE!!!
E X C E R P T:
“Wow. Nice basement. Or shrine. It really is more of a shrine.” 

Cage laughed, taking our luggage into the bedroom. My eyes remained glued to the wall.

 “I’m glad you see the humor in it so I won’t feel so bad when I say, ‘Oh. My. God.’ I mean, common sense tells me there has to be a wall behind all these posters and photos, but without that common sense it really does look like the posters and photos are the wall.” I stepped closer, inspecting the non-existent spacing between the frames.  

            Cage in high school.
            Cage in college. 
            Cage with Minnesota. 
            Cage receiving award after award. 

            “My mom is my number one fan.” 
            “No shit. I’d considered taking on the role myself, but clearly I’m way out of my league.” 
            He swept my hair off to one side and kissed my neck, pressing his body to my back. “Have I told you today how beautiful you are?”  
            “No. N-not yet.” I closed my eyes as his hands slid under my shirt, finding their way to my breasts. 
“You are. You’re so damn beautiful in every way.”
            His touch made me crazy. The ending of my cycle made me horny. The combination of both made me not care where we were. I turned in his arms. My grin screamed come hither.
            “Couch, Monaghan.” 
            He quirked a brow.
            “Don’t make me say it again.” 
            He smirked, taking several steps back before flopping onto the enormous brown sectional. I grabbed one of his tennis shoes and pulled it off and then the other. His socks followed suit. 
            “Can you feel it, Monaghan? You’re getting ready to score again. What if your off-season record surpasses your regular-season record?” I “shrugged off my shirt. 
            His gaze dropped to my chest. “I love when you talk my language.” 
            I slipped off my shoe. Each item of clothing got tossed in a different direction for theatrics.
            My favorite dimples came out, approving of my strip tease. 
            “Mind if I lose the leg?” I asked. 
            He shook his head. There really were no words to describe how his lack of any sort of reaction made me feel. 
            Not one flinch. 
            Not one nervous glance at my leg. 
            Not one second of hesitation. 
            It was as if I asked whether we could listen to music while having sex. Cage didn’t see my disability. He found every version of me sexy. I found my heart hurting from the fear that someday he would look at me and think “Holy, shit! You’re missing part of your leg.”
 With equal flair, I tossed my leg over the back of the couch and straddled his waist in just my black bra and panties. 
            “I think we can be honest with each other, Monaghan, so I’m going to let you in on a little female secret.” 
            He tore his eyes from my breasts and met my gaze.
            “By the end of a woman’s cycle or period as you don’t like to call it…” he rolled his eyes “…we are horny, as in, there is probably a twenty-four to forty-eight hour gap where you could fuck a woman senseless and she’d still beg for more.” 
            His Adam’s apple bobbed, swallowing that little nugget of information. “Shit! I brought you to my mom’s house during your fuck-me-senseless time.” 
            I shrugged, reaching behind me and unfastening my bra which got tossed over the couch as well. “Rookie mistake, Monaghan. Now … the real question is…” I wet my lips while unfastening his jeans “…what part of my body is going to give you your first orgasm tonight?” ”
            “Jesus, Lake …” His breath caught just as I finished pulling down his zipper.

*Note From Bex:
ONE is a Spinoff of Jewel E. Ann’s Jack & Jill Series. While One is a perfect love story all on its own, it does contain some major spoilers for the J&J Trilogy. If you haven’t read the J&J Trilogy get on it STAT! It is one of the BEST book series I’ve ever read and not only that but the first book, End Of Day is Currently FREE! 

Jewel is a free-spirited romance junkie with a quirky sense of humor.

With 10 years of flossing lectures under her belt, she took early retirement from her dental hygiene career to stay home with her three awesome boys and manage the family business. 

After her best friend of nearly 30 years suggested a few books from the Contemporary Romance genre, Jewel was hooked. Devouring two and three books a week but still craving more, she decided to practice sustainable reading, AKA writing. 

When she’s not donning her cape and saving the planet one tree at a time, she enjoys yoga with friends, good food with family, rock climbing with her kids, watching How I Met Your Mother
 reruns, and of course…heart-wrenching, tear-jerking, panty-scorching novels.

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  1. Bex this is simply an amazing review!! Every word you wrote is truly exactly how I felt about these books. One was EPIC, Jewel is EPIC! I really wish I could write a review like your to do this book the justice it deserves. The words will not come to me the way they do you. Simply beautiful. I felt chill bumps reading your review because you NAILED it lady <3

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