STRICTLY BUSINESS // BAD FOR BUSINESS (Mixing Business with Pleasure Series books 1 & 2) by Ace Gray Double Book Review


S T R I C T L Y   B U S I N E S S: 
Kate Elliott isn’t going to take falling in love lying down. 

Kate’s life is good by any measure. At 28, she has an incredibly successful company that affords her the couture lifestyle any Manhattan power player would expect. Being surrounded by luxury is almost enough to make the lack of romance in her life bearable. Almost. 

When she meets Nicholas Bryant, she’s consumed by desire despite discovering he’s her new, savvy, and therefore dangerous, competitor. After a series of hot and cold meetings—where the two compete over who is more hotheaded rather than market share—they succumb to passion in one perfect, electric weekend. But as soon as they resurface, trouble begins brewing that may cost Kate her empire, or worse, her long walled off heart.

Strictly Business is a steamy romance with content suitable for mature audiences.

I have spent couple weeks trying to find words worthy of how I feel about this book. I loved the characters, LOVED them, I loved the writing, I FELT it. I loved Kate Elliott and all of her strong, badass, independent ways. I was empowering to read about her and her accomplishments. The dynamic between her and Nicholas Bryant was such an interesting one. She was attracted to him instantly.(duh!) And I actually found it fascinating how she almost immediately let her guard down around him. Nick held a power over her and she wasn’t sure how she felt about that. They had to find a balance…determining how much of their selves to let go and surrender, all the while holding their ground and holding tight to their boundaries. But will those boundaries… those walls stand in the way of TRUE LOVE??? AHHH! My heart & head were at war this whole book. Not even knowing what to hope for, except for LOVE to WIN! Oh, did I mention that this book is SEXY AS FUCK??? Love scenes were, inspiring to say the least. 🙂 Nick and Kate have such a strong undeniable chemistry, that just their daily conversation is hot. I’d get wet listening to them discuss what deductions to claim on their taxes. Just saying. 


B A D   F O R   B U S I N E S S: 
Falling was the easy part.

Kate Elliott can still see blood on her hands and feel the last breath of a dying man on her lips. Anytime she closes her eyes, a small piece of her world crumbles, leaving her something she’s never been: weak. Luckily, Nicholas Bryant is strong enough for the both of them. And he’d do anything to lift Kate up…kiss her tears until they stop, take her breath away, and pleasure her until she barely remembers the outside world.


Nicholas’ past is catching up to him, and fast. The secrets he’s kept at bay have wound their way into his present and threaten the very real future he’s started to build with Kate. He’ll fight for Kate—every bit as much as he’ll fight with her—but even that may not be enough. Nicholas Bryant may turn out to be very Bad For Business after all.
Like the good little blogger I am, I will try to find words where they’ve completely failed me. This book you guys… it absolutely blew me away. 

Bad for Business Picks up right where Strictly Business left off. Nick and Kate have gone through difficult almost unbearable things and come out the other end still standing. I want to say stronger, but they each are still trying to find their bearings. 

While I truly loved Strictly Business, it blew me away and I will never forget the first time I fell for these amazing characters… after reading Bad for Business I see that it was only a slight tease, of how deep this story was going to go. Bad for business took us, the reader to places with Nick and Kate that we may not have been ready to, or even willing to go. We traveled through uncharted waters, up to the tops of mountains the Ace threw us off blindfolded. And Holy Shit did I love ever second of the rush! 

I think that one of my favorite things about reading is when I unconsciously STOP reading and just start FEELING. I’m not watching the clock, or the percentage, I’m not thinking about sounds outside or what trouble my kids are causing in the next room. All through out this book I just handed myself over to the author, and to the characters, and let them take the lead. Holy Shit. I don’t ever want my heart back. I didn’t want to leave this world, or Nick and Kate behind.

This book was RAW, Unapologetic, Heartbreaking, Infuriating, Invigorating, Heartwarming, Sweet, and just Sexy as Fuck. 

Its a beautiful thing, putting your trust in an author, putting your heart and your time (such a valuable thing) in their hands and having faith that they won’t lead you astray. Please put your trust in this blogger when I say,  read this series! Its spectacular. Fall in love with Nick & Kate with me. …and then hit me up so we can talk about it like 13 year old girls! Eeeeeeeeeeeee! #ACEFANGIRL4LIFE

Bad for Business is scheduled for release on JUNE 28th! 
Ace Gray is a self-proclaimed troublemaker and connoisseur of both the good life and fairy tales. After a life-long love affair with books, she undertook writing the novel she wanted to read, which culminated in her first release STRICTLY BUSINESS. When she’s not writing, she owns her own business teaching Pilates. She loves rainy days, shellac manicures, coffee shops and bourbon–all of which are bountiful in her adopted home of Portland, OR where she runs amok with her chef husband and two huskies.

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